Magnetic stimulators are used on patients with different disturbances, which mainly occur because of insufficient oxygenation of different organs or human system and are manifested in different ways, such as: headaches, dizziness, depression, weakening of concentration and memory, heart arrhythmia, increase of decrease of blood pressure, pains, irregular circulation in different parts of the body due to artery age or due to other situations where individual parts of the body are exposed to external and internal mechanical pressure (e.g. when foetus exerts pressure on the last zone of the large intestine and so directly causes haemorrhoids with pregnant women) where the circulation is hindered. The mechanism of magnetic field action is manifested in accelerated action of positive and negative charged ions of the atom in the molecules of the haemoglobin erythrocyte through the pores of their membranes. Magnetic stimulation can be used unlimitedly without any harmful effects as long as magnetic field is strictly controlled, like with magnetic systems and products, which are sold at fullstoppain.com. When ions and cations pass through the membranes of the red blood cells (erythrocytes), the pores are 0.8 nm (nanometre) in size.

The effect of reduced blood flow on tissues in magnetic field is less manifested due to improvement of the oxygen conduit through the membranes of the erythrocyte. All organs and tissues are in the blood circulation, and the blood is an electrical conductor which contains iron in haemoglobin; human blood contains approximately 4 grams of iron. The action of the magnetic field can be comprehended in three ways (of the mechanism), and thus: Charged anion and cation particles in membranes of erythrocyte cells are accelerated under the influence of magnetic field (changing speed by direction). As the result, the improved organ and tissue oxygenation, depending on where the stimulation took place respectively where the magnetic field is used. Under the influence of the magnetic field appears the invigoration of electric potentials in time of organ and tissue action – upon these potentials depend the action of organs and system. The third mechanism of action is a quicker discharge of free electron from iron atom into haemoglobin molecule when placed in magnetic field since the bond of Fe with O2 electron is weak therefore increased exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place which improves so-called tissue breathing. The structural formula of haemoglobin molecules in enterocytes shows free oxygen electron, which speed changes by direction with so-called tissue breathing under the influence of magnetic field. The bonding of iron with free oxygen electron is very weak. It is known that magnetic force increases the movement of free electrons. The biological action of magnetic field is manifested on cell membrane and the cell nucleus.

The quality of AKMA magnets (technical characteristics)

The magnets used as a source of magnetic field in AKMA magnets are made with technology used for so-called isotropic barium ferrite adapted for specific conditions to meet certain AKMA characteristics. The chemical formula of this material is Ba Fe 12 019, the crystal structure is hexagonal. The physical properties of this material are similar to those of ceramics, it is electricity conductive, and of specific weight of 4,7 gr/cm3. In the research are used the magnets with statistical magnetic field of Br= 60 mT. The static magnetic affects organism cells and blood. It affects cells in a way that increases cell membrane permeability and in this way improves metabolism. In blood, because of differently charged ions, comes to faster blood circulation, which improves skin nutrition. The stated static magnets are made in different shapes and dimensions. In this research are used static magnets of 6 mm in diameter, plano-convex, with effect diameter of 17 mm and effect depth of 10 mm, and magnets with diameter of 12 mm, with effect diameter of 35 mm and effect depth of 20 mm. The chemical formula of the material is Ba Fe 12 019. Besides magnetic field, magnetic action can also produce an acupressure effect on bioactive skin points.

These magnets are chemically inactive, they don’t oxidize, are resistant to organic solvents, acids and humidity. These magnets do not cause allergic reactions, they don’t produce electric energy, they are hard, stable long-lasting, in short, they don’t demagnetize after a certain period. Besides stated, they are simple to use. These special magnets act equally in all directions. The ceramic magnets are made with technology used in ceramic production. The pressing determines the shape of a magnet, which is than finished at about 1250 degrees Celsius. Barium ferrite has a hexagonal crystal structure with good magnetic characteristics through crystal C axes. If the magnetic field is active during pressuring the magnets, the particles orient themselves in a way that the produced magnet will have better magnetic action in direction of field action. This type of magnets is called anisotropic. Isotropic magnets are pressed without the influence of magnetic field, and their magnetic action is equal in all directions.


Can I use any magnet?

Not all magnetic products that appear on the market are useful for human body!

Do not become a victim to fake and low-priced magnetic products, which are manufactured and sold by unknown manufacturers and sellers, without the appropriate certificates, to address your health and other problems! Most of the magnets, that are commonly found and sold on the market, are many times to strong to be beneficial on the human body. They have the opposite effects than desired and can cause devastating effects on the cells. Their magnetic field is up to ten times more than allowed! (They are sold in a wide variety of jewelry,cheap magnetic therapy,etc... for example; cheap magnetic products Made in China,earrings, necklaces, rings, cheap helth product, cheap health magnetic therapy,etc..), which houses the so-called "neodelta" magnets. Instead of treating these magnetic products destroy cells. Such magnets can be identified by metal gloss, and they certainly should not be in contact with skin.

Only ceramic magnets, which are black, have a proven positive health effects on the human body.Ceramic magnets, designed by Mihajlo Pupin Institute, with more than 40 years of tradition in the development of magnets, have all the relevant certificates for use in medical and other purposes and are sold on the website www.fullstoppain.com Ceramic magnets that are manufactured in the Institute Mihajlo Pupin are black, can be used permanently, have all the relevant certificates concerning the manufacture and sale.


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