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Magnetic therapy products that are sold on www.fulstoppain.com are produced :

The Institute Mihajlo Pupin that produces and sells magnetic products through is engaged in research and production of magnetic components.


Over forty years, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin has been developing, researching stabilization and selecting frequencies as well as producing crystal units, filters and magnetic materials.

The bulk of Institute’s Mihajlo Pupin products are aimed at military industry, telecommunications, food industry, medicine; they also produce small series by higher-standard specifications for specific customers in the area of military industry and medicine.

The Institute Mihajlo Pupin exports most of its products to Germany, Israel, Italy, England, France and USA .



Institut Mihajlo Pupin

Institute Mihailo Pupin today is the result of sixty years of continuous innovation. Since its foundation Institute was the regional leader and in some cases even one of the world leaders in applying new technologies. Under the name of Central Radio Institute it was founded by Government in 1946.
In 1959 the Institute’s name was changed in Telecommunication and Automation Institute “Mihailo Pupin”.
From 1959 to 2007 Institute “Mihailo Pupin” has undergone several organizational forms.
In 1968 the Institute is switched from budget financing to self-financed organization, and was simultaneously thoroughly restructured and reorganized. Today Institute is a state owned company but entirely market oriented. Institute Mihailo Pupin has founded several companies for various programmes in ICT including hardware and software solutions for Digital Control Systems, Management Information Systems, Traffic management including Pay-toll Systems, Security and data protection, Telecommunications, production of frequency control products, etc. Here we present a list of our most significant achievements during past six decades. This list, although incomplete, reflects the exceptional diversity of the Institute’s research, development and production programs.
2010: - Turbine governing system
2009: - View 4 SCADA - Toll collection system and video surveillance on the bridge Mareshal Mobutu in DR Congo - Information System for Ministry of Finance – Tax Administration
2008: - Information System for Ministry of Finance – Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering
2007: - Information System for Local Tax Administration Office – Omnisight – Distributed Graphical Display System
2006: - Integrated control of technical airport systems – Computer /Controlled Thermal Power Plant Operation (DCS) – Participation in three FP6 projects (SARIB, PROMETEA and Web4WeB), and two Interreg/CADSES projects (I2E and STRiM)
2005: - Integrated control of technical airport systems – Computer /Controlled Thermal Power Plant Operation (DCS) – Participation in three FP6 projects (SARIB, PROMETEA and Web4WeB), and two Interreg/CADSES projects (I2E and STRiM)
2004: - Digital Control Systems for Thermal Power Plants Operation, Digital Power Line
2003: - Cyber School – Web Based Learning Environment 2002: - Investment planning and decision making tool – IVP – Joint Project Office with Fraunhofer FIRST
2001: - Digital crypto solution for secure telephony
1998: - European corn genetic data base – Automatic Vehicle Location system 1996: - Image processing tools for visual quality inspection
1995: - Locomotive control and data acquisition system – Microscopic image processing and analyzing solution
1994: - Active prosthesis for above-knee amputates
1993: - Piezotechnology-based sugar massecuite concentration meter
1992: - BEST – software tool for building expert systems with “blackboard” architecture – Process control computer ATLAS
1991: - Pulsator for mechanical testing of devices – Software package for simulation and development of control systems, SIDECS
1989: - ZEBRA traffic management program
1988: - DSP-based voice band modems – Microprocessor control of electrohydraulic and electromagnetic step motors – 32-bit microcomputer system TIM 600
1987: - Development strategy for “Crvena Zastava”
1986: - Telecommunication parameters of high-voltage power lines calculation software &‐ NEHOM
1985: - Ultra-precise Wattmeter with error less than .005% – Development strategy for “Crvena Zastava” – Development of 2400 bps HF radio modem
1984: - Software for mathematical modeling and control synthesis of manipulation and locomotion robots
1983: - Microprocessor-based modem PP-4800 – Electronic watthour meter – Real-time image generation computer system for simulators
1982: - Microprocessor elevator controller – Active arm othosis for patients suffering from dystrophy
1980: - Military aircraft simulator – Artificial arm for dystrophic patients
1978: - Anthropomorphic industrial robot UMS-1
1977: - 600 KW hydrodynamic separation device
1975: - High-accuracy electronic transducers
1973: - First integrated semiconductor traffic-lights
1972: - 1200 bps data transmission modem for telephone lines
1971: - Active exoskeleton for paraplegics; Hybrid computer system HRS-100
1970: - Computer-aided design of electric filters
1968: - Device for simultaneous voice and data transmission TGT
1967: - Transistor computer CER-22 for business applications
1966: - Electromagnetic flowmeter 1965: - Capacitive level meter
1964: - Computer program for system optimization by dynamic programming
1963: - Hydrodynamic separation device – Temperature-compensating crystal oscillator (TXCO)
1962: - Power Line Carrier device for signal transmission over high-voltage lines
1961: - Transistor-based telemetry system – Quartz crystal filter for frequency selection
1960: - The first digital computer with electronic tubes CER-10
1958: - Ionosphere parameters recording device
1956: - The first quartz crystal unit for frequency stabilization.


Over 40 Years in Product Development!